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the turbines of today... will power us all... into theuture. ♪ ♪ lou: the mayor elected ew york city today surprising a lot of people, naming bill bratton to be the city's next police commissioner, the 66-year-old bratton is a veteran law enforcement official who previously ran the nypd and resilient as demonstration and headed the police department's above los angeles and boston. a new poll from cnn showing support for stricter gun control is fading. just 49 percent now say they back restrictions to the second amendment down six points from the 55 percent who have said they back in control in january. but may be part of the reason that the new york mayor now michael bloomberg, you remember him, gun control group bears against illegal vans, surrendering extreme tactics to push can control. please take a look at their shocking new ad for portrayal of a potential school shooting nine days before the first anniversary of that age and connecticut school massacre. >> on december 14th we will have a moment of silence for newtown. but with 26 more schools shooting since that date, ask yourself, i
and bobby cox elected to enter the hall in cooperstown, new york. the three managers winning eight world series championships. induction ceremonies will be held july 27. those are your headlines, now back to lori and adam. lori: we are continuing with our wish list theories with a sweet treat for you today. the co-owner of edwards chocolatier. bring them look at during this holiday season. welcome to you. do you do your highest volume of sales this time of year? >> yes, that is right. many do their biggest volume this time of year, december everybody is out there willing to go the extra mile and picked up the product. i really want to give it at the holiday party. lori: will they be more chocolate consuming this year versus last or prior years? >> we definitely in our business we have noticed there has been an uptick in sales this year. more people are willing to spend a little bit more on the luxury items, we have build ourselves as an affordable luxury so it is something we have done very well this year and we have seen our biggest year, this is my great grandparents started this compa
passed, the president won re-election, a million people showed up on the website yesterday. guess what? 380,000 showed up before noon today. >> reporter: republicans insist the website issues are just the tip of the iceberg. >> this bill is fundamentally flawed. it's causing people to lose the doctor of their choice, causing them to lose their health plan. if that isn't enough, they're having to pay much higher prices at the same time. >> reporter: boehner's office noting tonight there was not a lot of air cover from conditioningal democrats, didn't have a lot of news conferences on capitol hill, perhaps near vows about touting the health care law. a white house official told me it's only the first day of a three-week campaign. they're confident the president will have the support in the end. lou? >> our first guest tonight is here to serve at least partly as a tutor for you and me. he says obama care is the biggest middle class entitlement ever conceived. he says beyond the flawed website, we need to stay focused on the fact that the health care law spends too much on the wrong people
and people are still not buying it. >> the president ran the election. million people showed up on the website yesterday. guess what, 380,000 showed up before noon today. >> republicans insist it is just the tip of the iceberg. >> this bill is fundamentally flawed. it is causing people to lose the doctor of their choice, causing them to lose their health plan. and if that is not enough they're having to pay much higher prices at the same time. >> noting there is not a lot of air cover for the president from congressional democrats who did not have a lot of news conferences to back him up. perhaps nervous politically about touting this health care law, but a white house official just told me it is the first day of a 3-week campaign and they're confident the president will have the support in the end. lou: thank you very much. despite the president's defiance, millions of americans face a fast approaching deadline to avoid a gap in health care coverage. over 5 million individual plans have already been canceled. most with policies that expire at the end of the month and with an ob
would retire, first elected back in 1978, a member of the senate agricultural committee. cheryl: oh, the farm bill. i think i'm the only person in the building that is fascinated by the farm bill. adam: if i were a park avenue farmer getting government subsidies i might be interested. cheryl: the east coast speaking of the midwest and farmers, east coast is bracing for a blast of winter weather as the storm has been done things to and east through much of the midwest. now heading toward pennsylvania and finally will hit new york and a lot more to come. in the weather center with more on this story. rich: i care about the farm bill. i do. i am on your side on that one. speaking of farmers, rapid city, south dakota, a big blizzard this season and they lost so much livestock and now they have had the cold temperatures across these areas and a lot of cattle ranchers going all the way down across parts of the south. texas desperately needs moisture but they have had the icing variety over the last few days and that is not good at all. high temperatures not just on the planes. you may thi
, money and boots on the ground to get politicians elected and they kept lavishing these amazing promises and it kept going on and on. >> all of a sudden you'll have a lot of commune nis palts say don't negotiate. just declare bankruptcy. >> detroit is going to be barred from the markets for a long time. i wouldn't extrapolate too much from this. the unions control new york city hall. bill de blasio, all his aides are close to this. new york city is going to head in that direction. >> do you agree with that? >> i don't. this is good news for the bond market and for cities that are struggling because it gives them negotiating leverage. >> put the fear of god in them. >> right. so they won't have to -- >> julie, do you agree? >> i do, actually. both parties gave away the unions in the 90s like drunken sailers in their right to get political support. it went too far. they have a commitment that's a legal contract. even in bankruptcy the unions may get screwed on this. >> didn't the judge take that into -- >> we'll see. charlie is right that this is not a good precedent to set. >> the bond ho
, not willful men and women who made up the rules. it's different when you elect a superstar he suddenly doesn't think that he's there to be the president. >> good or bad for the constitution? >> bad. turly is saying president obama was doing this in overdrive. because the government won't uphold the laws, why should taxpayers abide by them. every president from ford through clinton opposed 250 laws, the constitutional objections but they still upheld them. in president is doing worse in not unforcing the laws. >> he likes to quote the founding fathers. listen to this quote from james madison. he says it will be of little avail to the people that the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read or so incoherent that they cannot be understood or undergo insays ent changes that no man who knows what the law is today will know what they are tomorrow. >> presidents can't send troops into war, appoint judges or change laws without consent. in rick's defense, presidents back to wood droe wilson has been abusing executive power. this isn't just an obama thing. >> the fact that it's happened before
at of some sort? >> the next one for the 2013 elections. thank you. last time i checked the is the commander in chief. and of the executive branch. that is called a leader. that is exactly what he was elected to do, to be the leader. style. once again he is passing the buck. the blame starts with them. >> here is something else that the president said in the same interview, invest in b.c. tweeted this out. lou: i can't wait for this. >> ", government is not somebody else. government is us. we have the capacity to change it. what that tells you is when this president up in his mouth, what comes out is just black bird. you cannot take it seriously. >> that is the foundation of the very strong, pass an income and personal philosophy. >> well, in a way it is between of the president wants not to eliminate government departments some of them should be. the thing so why does he propose that we not eliminate them. we know that we want to increase the size of government, hire more people and give government more power and take it away from congress or if congress does not go along, the federal gover
the 16th, night and day. and this includes anyone, including the elected democrats are in negotiations with president obama and his team all along. and i think as we look to the future of what is the enrollment look like and what it is reassessing these prices for 2015, what does it look like next summer when businesses and waivers expire and they might take a bunch of people in their companies imported into these changes, people that think they are unaffected by the law. there's a lot of potential problems that could come from the slot that have nothing to do with the website. and the administration needs to face that. lou: one of the unintended consequences is to invert the ratio and medicare is swamped. $17 trillion in unfunded liabilities are a likely outcome for medicare. >> i think that medicaid will reach a crisis actuation fairly soon. but it will not be alone. we talked before about the cuts to medicare and what was required by obamacare. and this includes the private insurance market starting with the individual market and it started off as a website problem and it could well
the tailwind to this market is that we've had gridlock in d.c. since the mid term elections of 2010. that is a positive underpinning to both economic growth admitted it's modest, and to the market as a whole. do i think this budget deal is a market mover? not necessarily, but let's face it the market seems to go up on every bit of news right now. stuart: it doesn't hurt and the market wants to go up and i think you're on record saying 18 k for the dow fairly soon. is that right? it is? >> it's coming. i don't know how-- we have to define fairly soon. >> okay. and i will not pin you down, because that was not your forecast. tray knippa, thank you. the opening bell has running. and we're before 16,000. everybody knows i'm a ludwick-- luddite sort of. friday night i ordered a book on amazon and sunday morning it was delivered by the postal service. i thought i'd like you to know that amazon is using the postal service and it works. and another big name you know, it's china mobile. they're going to take orders for apple's iphones starting thursday. apple is up in part on that news. chin
for the presidential election and now they are changing the definition of how people hav signed up for this. so they are counted as being part of obamacare. but you know and i know and greg know that you can't really count someone until they actually pay for the plan. so this is fuzzy math to say the least. lou: absolutely. what he is doing is appalling. they only have 27,000 sign-ups and enrollees over health care dog of in the 36 states that our federal are federal exchanges. the rest come from state exchanges and this is getting, laborious and absurd. >> everyday gets worse and you wonder where it will bottom out for this administration. i would say that the metaphor in this town for obamacare is a senator named kay hagan. a moderate democrat from north carolina. she was easily leading in her reelection fight for next year. up by 10 or 12 or 15 points and now tied in north carolina and people tell polltakers a reason why is obamacare. there are so many democrats who are now running scared for 2014. lou: 16 senators, saying they quote unquote dressed him down. then the democratic caucus today
't come as because they all elected political confidence who borrowed and borrowed. and i can see is already as a part of it. >> this is an orderly outcome and no one will get 100 cents on the dollar. in some of them may have to go back to work and they were expecting $100,000 a year and how will well the film that is reduced to 15. >> so they can have any obligation because that is where a lot of the money is. >> that is where a lot of the obligations are. what is to stop them from saying that i'm going to rule this by fiat and say this is okay. >> the city manager can't do that. they can only control expenditures tomorrow and he can't effect this going forward. neil: is it more likely that god would be part of this? >> the city manager has to keep the streets safe and this includes people that still live there and pay taxes. he has a very difficult job on his hand and he doesn't have the wherewithal to do it. and he will have more money as a result of this. neil: in the meantime, the hottest new application. is he like neil cavuto? how much like neil cavuto if you? saying the wr
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from you. >> yes of course. of course. adam: you think the midterm elections everyone is talking about that, we'll see this rhetoric get ramped up even worse? >> good question. the president has other big fish on his -- one of the, politicians love diversions. we have obamacare which is obviously blowing up, right? adam: he needs a diversion. what better than favorite whipping boy. >> jamie dimon. maybe squeeze another 13 billion out of jamespy and -- jamie and everybody will forget about obamacare. i have to go to lunch. adam: enjoy. >>> new parents going back to their roots when it comes to naming their kids. baby unveiled the top 100 baby names in 2013. >> anthony on that list? adam: no. coming in at number three, liam. >> how about vito? adam: no. last year's top name, aden, dropped to number two. top boy's name for eight straight years. what was other one. >> tony. adam: tony is on there i think. taking top spot for most popular boy's name, jackson. for girls, third most popular is olivia. coming number two, emma. what is miss germany's name? >> eileen. adam: not on the
it was in the election cycle but these young people in 2012, look at obamacare. we see policies so quickly turned against the generation that voted for them in 2012 and you would think i voted in 2004 obama. and the turnaround in 2012 and looking to the student loans? there pushed like predators' on these students. stuart: in the last two presidential elections president obama won an overwhelming plurality of young people's votes for students or youngsters, he won a plurality. do you think there is any chance come 2016, years down the road that situation will be reversed? >> it could be reversed and the lot is incumbent on republicans on making the case, depend on the candidate, the messaging, the outrage, lot of things. stuart: you need republicans to go to universities. >> there was a study that democrats good universities more than republicans and bring in more liberal speakers than republicans and go to the lecture hall every single day kids are getting a liberal perspective and the.. i am taking online classes and running this organization. i have no student loan debt. i am taking online classes, do
elected to redeem their interest in 2013. we will see what happens from here on out but the stock is reacting negaaivey. ashley: taking public transportation to work is about to get more taxing. right now train and bus riders and motorists can get $245 a month in tax breaks but come january public transit riders will see that number cut in half, drivers will get a bigger tax break. dan smith, tax advocate for public interest research group joins us with his beach. joining along with my be. let's get this straight. commuters lose substantial slice of their tax break but motorists are regarded or won't be getting even more. >> exactly right. come january 1st if congress doesn't act, three million people who take public transit to work every day suddenly will see the cost of their trip become more expensive and this doesn't make any sense. it is unfair for people that take public transit to work and it also distorts consumer choices in the worst way possible by using tax code to buy incentive for driving and that means more oil consumption, more people sitting in traffic and more air
in 95, and economy was not that great, i grew up in the bush years, and bill clinton was elected. it was a new change, i think a lot of young people felt the same way about obama, they bought into that remant simp row. >> he was such an "avatar" for people's hopes and dreams. >>a it almost manifested itself. he might have said something but somebody thought so much grander of, that he will solve all my problems and make my life better, he had a tough couple of months starting with nsa candle with young people, he is listening to my cell phone, and raising my premiums they don't like him. melissa: if you promise to solve everyone's problems, you know you are lying, older adults know you are lying they have fallen for this before. as a politician, how did i change that? >> it is never going to change, a formula that has been here for sensories, it is so true. they won't change, because they are going to be that underlying belief, maybe this will be the person that will solve our problems. melissa: if kids are sick of president obama do they believe in republicans, are they looking
commissioner has now been appointed by mayor-elect bill de blasio to lead it again. bratton ran the nypd from 1994 to 1996 under former mayor rudy giuliani. he developed tactics that led to a steep decline in crime. >>> a handwritten manuscript of bruce springsteen's 1975 hit, born to run, sold for $197,000 in auction in new york. the presale estimate was 70 to $100,000. sotheby's says the document a used to be in the collection of springsteen's former manager. that is valuable. those are theenews headlines on the fox business network. now back to tracy. are you a fan? tracy: huge! i could actually recite every line to every song on that album but i won't, then i will -- >> who has time. tracy: i just get enough of that around here. jamie colby, thank you very much. ♪ all right to the special series, gotta have it. no one enjoys holidays more than the kids, the big trick to find toys fun but educational. they stand apart producing learning toys for kids and parents, leapfrog. the ceo joins us. nice good ol' friend of fox. john, good to see you. how are the holidays looking? there is nove it
electing the tolls. and then when the bridge is paid for this squander it on some social purpose. and think about all the money that we have started to sub systems. it is one thing to build them, but you have to seek out inefficiently the run. melissa: wow. i mean, i thought i was the most irritated person about this. but peter clearly just took my crown away. even more agitated about this than i am. what do you think? >> you want to get even more agitated. melissa: i'm starting to be sorry that i started this. >> you have the whole weekend to get over this. melissa: go ahead. >> $80 billion in stimulus programs. that is what we spent with the obama administration. do you realize that infrastructure under obama has actually gone down by one-third? where the money go? that is what we want to know. melissa: infrastructure spending has gone down? >> we are actually spending less on infrastructure. i thought we were having all of this shovel ready projects that we were supposed to be doing. only 26 billion, i believe, of the 80 billion went toward infrastructure. the rest went to a lot of diffe
times during the pre-election run for the presidency. now we're finding out that is just not true. gerri: tell me what your reaction was to this. this has been played all day long. it is still shocking. are you surprised at the end of the day these networks are so small that the likelihood of you keeping your current primary care physician, small possibly nonexistent. >> i am not that surprising all. if you look at the design of this legislation, large part of the population will be subsidized. it is not the premium gusts to five subsidies but the kashering . paler nothing out of pocket. the only way insurers have to deal with that because they will use the carious to limit access. we are seeing is in a lot of exchange plans, limited access. and in fact the doctor was correct. you're going to see is the system bifurcate based upon money. gerri: at the end of the day not all doctors are playing along. the doctors in california, some 70 percent of them are boycotting obamacare. they don't want to be a part of the networks. have to say a thing that will hurt care ultimately. what do you thi
know, as elected the next couple of weeks, the thing that there is anything that could be a surprise? don't tell me it's another storm. >> well, yes. a lot more storms, but i think really the bigger story is going to be the when it comes to a seasonal items such as any type of police, sweaters, gloves, snow stuff, we are seeing that they are up over 30, 40 percent over last year just based on whether from just the analytically. cheryl: and started jumping, but that is the concern. we saw some much promotional activity going into this holiday. things giving starts in september and christmas starts in october. those items already discounted? other retailers going to miss that profit trevor? >> well, they certainly are off, but when we look at, some last year, a lot of the staff did not even sell. there were sold after the holiday for 75 percent off. other probably 30 percent off. we're going to see is it will be a lot more cash. for a group like j.c. penney's i mean this is just a perfect storm. they're going to sell more, and it's going to bring hard cash into the business. cheryl: th
tax-- true he's not going along for everything for sure, but then we have an election in 2016 which we'll get a new president and i think whether it's a democrat or a republican you'll find the new president far more amenable to good economic policies than obama and his administration has been. i mean, you could get another clinton-like democrat in there or you could get a reagan republican in there. and you would have a boom that you couldn't imagine how wonderful it's going to be. and that's why i'm really bullish about the stock market. i think the stock market looks at what will be, stuart, not what has been. and when you look to the future, i am very optimistic about change in america. i mean, just look at what's happened with obamacare. i mean, who-- you know it has to collapse, you know it's just built on unsound theory and unsound data, but seeing is actually collapsing before our very eyes is very, very fulfilling and not in the sense that we want it to collapse, but that we know the silly give away themes don't work. stuart: we hear you, i think you're putting a smile on a lo
this is in serious jeopardy before we get to the midterm elections of being significantly modified if not being repealed. dagen: will be modified in terms of losing your doctor? for example out in california, running his own exchanges, a similar situation if you look at some of the cheaper plans in the exchange california is running where it is not the amount of doctors or different doctors in these plans. people will be in for a shock like you said. >> frankly are the young folks necessary to keep them afloat, will they enroll? a story out the said nearly one out of three people that have signed up on the exchanges information wasn't getting to the insurers, cancellations or duplicates, so are the young folks go to sign up in time and will the insurers have the information they need? connell: thank you very much. dagen: more from detroit. the judge in the detroit bankruptcy ruling the city is eligible for bankruptcy. jeff flock has more from the courtroom. what is going on? jeff: as you might guess, it is being repealed the attorneys. you are live on the fox business network, sir. tell me your
at election time. you have a small employers, many of them are getting pretty staggering renewals and many are taking advantage of the early renewal especially in the small group market, under 50 employees. they will have to face obamacare for 2015 and what we are hearing again is big increases. once you have a smaller employer market being hit by the same things the individual health market is being hit by, preexisting condition and medical underwriting reforms, china benefit level you have to have with obamacare and the age rating changes hitting the small group the same way. i talked to a small hill insurance broker the other day that has 90 plans. they can't do early renewal where he is and he is telling me he is seeing red increases between 15%, and 60% with the average rate increase in the small market being 30%. stuart: give us some clarity on another issue that is emerging, the transfer of information from my account in my personal information into the obamacare website. the transfer of the information from me to the insurer. i understand the error rate is enormous and that is wher
an election and decide how these issues get resolved. accommodation suggests they will get a deal in the next couple of days. dagen: this is if you have described it to use your words some low hanging fruit. how does this deal come together and what are the chances it does? >> i think it is slightly better than 50% chance it is going to get done. remember, the two chairs negotiating the steel are not here to tell us what they want to get done, they feel confident they will get something done. the issue here is last-minute demands. the republicans think they need some level of entitlement changes to get the rank-and-file members, thre slayer pushing han this changes to hospital spending for medicaid. the democrats pushing for more spending on unemployment insurance possibly inclusion of the minimum wage. all of those make it harder for rank-and-file members to vote for it. so the plan will actually narrow in the next day or so before they come to a deal. that is why they could get $45 billion instead of $65 billion just because they'ry are having so much trouble to come to an agreement on the
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